3.jpg Shopping for a car insurance quote can be a daunting task. Ringing various insurance companies for a quote is not an option for various reasons. First, once they get hold of you phone number, there is no going back. They are going to hunt you down constantly unless you are prepared to block their numbers or change the line.

Visiting insurance brokers by driving around town is so 1980s. No one has time for that either. So, how do you get an auto insurance quote anonymously without providing personal information? And within the least possible time?

We are now in the internet age where you can pretty much buy anything online and have it delivered to you sometime within hours – a pizza is the perfect example.

Buying a car insurance coverage is no different. Besides, within the privacy of you home, using a computer and internet connection, you can login online and use an online quote comparison website, such as AutoInsQuoter. Our site allows you to compare up to hundreds of insurance vendors within a few seconds using only your zipcode. There is no need for name, address, date of birth, car registration or any other specific information.

Once you are ready for a fixed price car insurance quote, you will need your personal information to enable the auto insurance provider to conduct other checks and issue a policy with your details. There is no commitment to purchase any auto insurance policy unless you are fully happy with all the terms. Besides, some car insurance companies offer a cooling period where you can change your mind, cancel the policy and you may need to send any policy documentations back.

Privacy is an important issue especially online. There is no need to provide personal information enabling you to obtain a car insurance quote anonymously. If an insurance provider or broker holds personal information about you, it’s possible to request that they remove it from their systems. This saves you have to deal with potentially unwanted sales calls, letters and email.

It take less then a minute on average to get quotes from leading brokers and start saving.

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